Simply Blue

Amanda Strydom in konsert
June 3, 2019
June 3, 2019

Simply Blue


Simply Blue is a four-part a cappella group of singers from Diocesan College (Bishops’) in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

The school’s aim has always been to create an opportunity for senior boys to be able to express their enjoy­ment of singing contem­porary songs and other light-hearted classics, and to share their love of music with others.

With this in mind, Simply Blue’s repertoire includes contemporary tunes and songs from yesteryear (including a Beatles and an Elvis Medley). Over the last 19 years since its inception the group has grown in popu­larity and visibility. The group has perfor­med at the Graham­stown Festival six times and has toured Argentina twice.
In 2012, it was invited to perform at the International Society of Music Educators in Greece, and in 2015 it had a most successful trip performing at the Edinburgh Festival. Last year the group returned to Greece.

Sunday 12 August at 10:00,
De Wet Hall, R50 at the door, 60 minutes